Not for everyone

A Man can look at the world and see all colours until someone takes away his freedom. A brain can see emotions and I  paint under emotions thus I create things never seen before. So that you can see everything!


God is in the Detail

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the Big Bang

Oil on canvas 150x150 cm

Obraz 13 celek_s.jpg

The Big Bang is a unique Oil on Canvas made by Sebastian Vanzen. It contains a complex view of the Universe with all its beauty, intricacy and most importantly uniqueness. The Big Bang paintings reveals hundreds of macro details, that you can  dive into with a loupe and use as much time as you have to observe and let yourself be taken into the depths of an infinite fractal space, that will make you relaxed as if you watch the stars on a desert during the darkest night. 

The Heritage

Multi oil on canvas 2mx2m


The Heritage is a gift to the next generation. The multi-painting took one year to grow and it will take another 2 years for it to dry. It is a painting consisting of 15 individual pieces that we can consider to be game tokens. Lets leave the assessment of the value of the tokens to our successors. What we know is that it can become the crucial factor to affect their wealth. History repeats itself. 

The Universe One

_FOT0633_01 celekCUT.jpg

The most detailed Universe oil painting in the world.  Made by a combination of techniques evolved during the past 15 years. Drying time 2 years.