One thing is for sure. We find ourselves in 2020, times of great possibilities, speed and opportunities. To be able to understand the age we live in and to be able to assess what is a good investment and what not is truly difficult and often requires an expert guidance in the particular field of interest. In the ART business one should focus on what`s behind the scenes in the artists world. What is behind the artist, what's upfront and most importantly who is next to him and with whom he partners on the journey to make the most significant impact into history and to create an artistic portfolio full of originality and uniqueness, thus creating a new era of style and technique.

Sebastian Vanzen spent past 10 years developing a completely new road that makes it possible for us all to start discovering all new microworld of so-called 3D oil sculptures incorporated into the abstract character of the whole. Use the opportunity to explore a video shots taken by a special macro camera to understand the term 3D oil on canvas.