Life of a man is in my eyes is successful when his steps lead to securing a well-being of a family. One does not necessarily need to know that in 10 years' time a golden egg will fall from the sky. It is about feeling that I have made the right and selfless step for the generation to come, that, when I pass away, will hold something like a diamond token. Token that may become the key factor of securing their well-being and security. Past precedents have shown us more than clearly what is possible in the world of art.
It is simple. If you want to win you have to bet. 

Adam Svrcina

Personal invitation

Eva Bulawová
Sales assistant 

We think that an invitation to the atelier should be delivered straight to the hands of the invitee. Our invitation is as special as the artwork itself. It contains a catalogue, invitation letter and a box full of the best salty caramel chocolate pralines by JANEK Chocolatery. This personalized invitation will be delivered to your office or home by Eva Bulawova, our sales assistant. She will hand the box over to you and make sure your questions are answered as well. 


The atelier is located in Frydlant and Ostravici, in Czech Republic in the hearth of Europe, where you have the chance to uncover the curtain of mystery and meet Mr. Sebastian Vanzen and his team personally. You will be presented with 4 floors full of artwork and you will also be able to see the room where the oil paintings are born. Since the visits are strictly based on invitations, those lucky ones will get a glimpse of the hidden magic and also will be able to choose a painting directly from the author.