Press release Q1/2020


Because there are details in the details.

Unique structurized 3D oil painting on canvas.

After many years of researching in the realms of oil and canvas Sebastian Vanzen finally managed to create a combination of techniques that create a whole new microcosmos full of colors, gracefull fluid shapes and unique details. On a single painting one can discover hundreds of unique details of divine proportions and countless color phenomena ressembling almost anything that a human mind can imagine.

To a viewers' mind and soul a calm detailed examination of the paintings brings back the lost state of peace.

Not for everyone.

Extremally long process of drying of the thick master grade paint layers results in a fact that there is a limited amount of the paitings available to the market. Mr. Sebastian Vanzen paintings not only offer a preservation of vallue but due to the direct sales structure also an opportunity for those who value exclusivity.

Focus to detail

The mystery of form is revealed in every square centimeter of the fundamental bio-cosmic environment of color particles dissolved in oil substance. Glass-like coating extends the depth of field and creates a unique 3D experience never seen before.

Fibonacci sequence

Due to the special combination of techniques used by Sebastian Vanzen, viewers can experience the reality, manifested by the golden-cut ratio, with their own eyes.


These paintings resonate with the vastness that goes far beyond cultural filters that some of us tend to impose on the world around us.

For sales enquiries feel free to contact Mr. Adam Svrcina at 00420731115787.