Press release Q2/2020


Because there are details in the details.

Actual information on Art projects by Sebastian Vanzen

The Heritage

Unique art piece consisting of 15 individual 3D Abstract Oil Paintings. This project initiated in early 2020 and is about to be finished in June 2020.

The complete painting is approximatelly 4 m2 and each single tile size is 70 x 40 cm. Individual tiles are for sale to individuals who aim to leave a valuable Heritage to their descendants. The right to purchase one or more of single tiles of the complete Heritage is granted only to those who already purchased a Sebastian Vanzen painting recently or in the past.

Complete digital documentation (VIDEO and PHOTO) of the project will be created upon finalization of the last detail. A secure way of contact to each of the owners of the individual tiles will be made possible so that an investor who would be interested to own the complete 15 tile painting would have ways to achieve it.

To date (June 15th, 2020) 10 single tiles are available.

Development Art

Most Sebastian Vanzen paintings (and all that we call Unique 3D Abstract Oils on Canvas) take more than 3 years to dry. Only after a painting is completely dry a Glass-like coating is applied and the painting is considered finished. This has been a limiting factor for investors and the Artist himself.

A new approach was needed. Art lovers and buyers were offered to invest in the still "wet" paintings that are delivered to them circa 1 month after creation. Due to the fact that the paintings are still "touch sensitive" we recommend protecting them with glass. Such installation not only protects the paintings but also brings attention to the fact that a painting ripens in front of the eyes of the owner. The glass does not limit the close-up viewing of the famous Details in the Details. Some even say that the small details are even sharper.

After the drying period is over, the author covers the painting with glass-like coating and issues a new Certificate of Authenticity (also for the coating).

The price of dried paintings with final coating is roughly 3 times higher than those sold in the "Development mode".

To date (June 15th, 2020) apart from new wet stage paintings a limited number of dried paintings with glass-like coating are still available. Those are reserved for international sales (due to the possibility to ship them easily to any destination on the globe). Two of these paintings are located in Dubai (UAE).

Atelier and gallery

The author invites interested art lovers and investors through Mr. Adam Svrcina, who is responsible for sales administration and market development, to his atelier and private gallery of finished and available artwork. The atelier is located in Frydlant nad Ostravicí, Czech republic. We offer transfer services by a small business airplane from Prague Airport directly to the airport in Frydlant n.O.

The gallery and atelier is a renovated four story building from the twenties (1920). There is a number of high quality accommodation options available within 10 minutes of driving.

Dubai Marine Art Gallery

In cooperation with Dubai Boat Show 2020 we are preparing private presentations of new artwork at the Dubai Marine Art Gallery starting on the 24th of November 2020. This gallery will exclusively host Sebastian Vanzen paintings. The access to this gallery is granted only to invited VIP and VVIP visitors.

If you are interested to schedule a visit and/or receive a wooden box with a a booklet feel free to contact Mr. Adam Svrcina at 00420731115787 or