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     We are a group of partners, that have decided to share their passion for art investment. We do not offer our portfolio to everyone, although we are delighted to see everyone like it. We offer it to people like you, to people who have been successful in their life. To people that understand the term Art Investment. To people who have been blessed to be as unique as are the art pieces we are offering. They are one of its kind. There is no other artist that lets you look deep into 3D details, that fully engulf you to transcend to another galaxy, that relaxes, inspires and lets you enjoy its infinity, deepness, silence and light penetrating darkness. 
     Yes, it is You, who can be one of the few who can own some of them. You have the chance to use their infinite potential of high quality and profitable investment capacity. We are offering you an opportunity to live your dream. 

Daniel Struž


Ing.arch. Ladislav Semela

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     Exceptional things require special partnerships,


not only in architecture we have set up high goals from the beginning, and not only in architecture we have already conquered many milestones. We perceive architecture not only as a practical facility of living but also as custom art we design exclusively for each client. This view of our work leads us to the desire to complement our architecture with another level - exclusive fine art - offering a special experience that would guide our client's eye and mind from large masses of houses to a completely refined detailed structures that can be observed from close proximity... even under a magnifying glass!


     It was not easy to find an artist who could fully meet our requirements for detail and the journey to find him took us several years! Thanks to that, however, we found someone completely outstanding! Only Sebastian Vanzen with his paintings can drag you into his art and he has the amazing ability to further develop the space we create.


     And this was exactly what gave rise to a special partnership where Sebastian Vanzen's art develops our architecture and at the same time our architecture develops Sebastian Vanzen's paintings. That is exceptional connection!

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​Abdullah Al-Busaidi, Muscat, Oman

Experienced Technologist with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Founder and General manager at MAF Partners, Business Development Lead for Petroleum Development Oman and Secretary General at Oman Society of Engineers. Skilled in Business Development, Team Building, Management, Time Management, Teamwork, and Leadership. 


     I founded the company Crystal Caviar in 2010 together with my wife Michaela. The company is based on hundreds of years long tradition of Bohemian glass craftmanship. 

     The company is the biggest supplier of luxury glass chandeliers and crystal sculptures to the superyacht  nowadays with more then 70 completed projects without any reclamation. At the beginning we had only passion to create something, what no one has ever produced before. 

We helped Sebastian Vanzen enter the UAE market in 2020/2021. 

Marek Landa - Crystal Caviar


     ARTEX is a highly-specialized company offering complex solution for the fine art transport and storage services which are distinguished by our long-standing experience, highest professionalism, supreme competence and flexibility. Thanks to our membership in ICEFAT organization we are proud to be a part of the worldwide logistic network of certified fine art shippers.


     Transporting fine art is a highly sensitive business and calls for absolute professionalism and supreme qualification. We are aware of the responsibility we have. High-tech vehicles, an experienced team of drivers/art handlers and optimal courier services and customer relations are proven parameters for the fastest and safe way of shipping fine art from A to B. ARTEX transports fine art all over the world and covers all relevant services: from innovative fine art crating and packing to organizing shipping and transporting and comprehensive courier support.

Mgr. René Rohan & Jan Černý - Artex Services

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