Not for everyone

The Age we live in is full of people  whose written expression can attract so much attention that it is so easy to believe almost everything they put down. I look at the peoples stories through their eyes, because eyes are windows to their soul. Therefore I concluded that anyone who wants to learn about my lifepath, my story, my life and about everything that is hidden behind the curtain should be able and willing to look into my eyes and then conclude for himself if my lifepath is a strong story or not. 

My abstract paintings are all created in the name of Gratitude. They all are Paintings of Gratitude. There is not only a reason  but also a meaning to it. Life, as we know it, has changed significantly over the course of the past 20 years. The world is governed by demagogies and a self destructive egregor encrypts a new way of thinking into the human mind. In my own life I had fought with my own self and suffered from depression for many years. Today, when I look back, I am grateful for what I had been believing every day. I consciously realize every day, how important it is to be able to interlock fingers, close eyes and thank in silence and be able to pray at the same time. 

One of the few pioneers of modernist architecture built Villa Tugendhat in Brno (CZ) in the 1930`. At those difficult times he managed to create a seemingly simplistic structure that has been world famous ever since. He mastered to merge simplicity with a focus to detail. He was able to shock and also inspire future generations. He stood up against an army as a lonely soldier and laid out a his vision of perfection. This man has become one of my role models for his qualities, one of which is most important for me. It is courage. This man engraved a beautiful sentence into the history of humankind. I am fully in line with its meaning when I create my paintings. Therefore, if all goes well, I will reveal my best art pieces in his top rated architectural jewel Villa Tugendhat in May 2021.