the Big Bang

Oil on canvas 150x150 cm


The Big Bang is a unique Oil on Canvas made by Sebastian Vanzen. It contains a complex view of the Universe with all its beauty, intricacy, and most importantly uniqueness. The Big Bang paintings reveal hundreds of macro details, that you can dive into with a loupe and use as much time as you have to observe and let yourself be taken into the depths of infinite fractal space, that will make you relaxed as if you watch the stars on a desert during the darkest night.

Part of a private collection. For inquiries of available pieces contact Adam Svrcina

The video lets you watch a tiny portion of the painting. Roughly 1 cm2. The magic of this painting will reveal itself when properly illuminated. You can use a loupe to dive into the depths of the Universe spreading over 2 meters squared.

Obraz 13 celek_s.jpg

150 cm x 150 cm

Oil on Canvas